Athletic Schedules



Julian Santiago

Sports Start Dates

Typically, seasons run approximately eight weeks. Start and tryout dates are set by coaching staff. 

Some sports have tryouts for a limited roster (volleyball, softball, basketball and soccer) and some sports are no-cut (cross country, track and field, and wrestling).

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Sport Start Date
Cross country (co-ed) August 23, 2021
Softball August 23, 2021
Basketball (Girls) September 27, 2021
Basketball (Boys) November 15, 2021
Wrestling (co-ed) March  2022
Soccer ( Boys) January 25, 2022
Soccer (Girls) January 26, 2022
Volleyball (Girls) February 1, 2022
Volleyball (Boys) February 3, 2022
Track & Field (co-ed) March 21, 2022