Psychological Services

Gilroy Unified School District provides a continuum of psychological services through the district's School Psychologist and through partnerships with various community agencies.

Psychological Services

The school psychologists in the district represent the cultural and ethnic diversity of the district and community. The school psychologists program provides a wide range of services, including but not limited to: 

  • Highly qualified practitioners and a wide range of expertise within the department 
  • Involvement in research
  • Problem-solving behavioral consultation with parents, teachers and students
  • Continuing professional development
  • A commitment to training future school psychologist practitioners  
  • Collaborative interaction with teacher and psychologist to address student needs
  • The delivery of comprehensive services to all students  
  • A commitment to pre-referral intervention/prevention activities   
  • Accountability through efficacy data
  • Malleability and adaptability to ever changing demands   
  • The use of school-based collaborative consultation and pre-referral intervention
  • A link between assessment and intervention  
  • Team leadership and coordination of other professionals who provide services to children and families