English Language Development (ELD)

Following the Gilroy Unified School District ELD Master Plan, Brownell places English Learners by CELDT scores. Understanding the English Learners CELDT score enables us to support the students where they need the most help.

We will also be adding AVID study skills into the curriculum so that students can achieve success as they transition through the different levels of ELD—Transition—Grade Level—and Accelerated classes.  We have great success moving students up through our English language program utilizing the National Geographic/Hampton Brown "Inside" Series, Read 180, and into our adopted Holt text in transition and grade level classes.

For more information, visit GUSD's ELD webpage or contact Arlinda Queresma (Arlinda.Queresma@GilroyUnified.org) Brownell's ELD teacher.

Click here for ELD California State Standards (English/ Spanish).