Brownell Modernization Project

The Brownell Middle School Modernization Project began in the summer of 2019. This project will transform the campus and enhance the surrounding Carmel and Hanna Streets neighborhood and the Gilroy community. Once complete, the new middle school campus will be another state-of-the-art facility in GUSD and will be highly visible to community members who travel on First Street.  

Conceptualizing for the project began in early 2018 with a design team that consisted of staff members and administrators from GUSD and Brownell.  The design team was led by Aedis Architects and the project continues to garner national attention for its attention to design, safety and security aspects.  The school design boasts classroom pods for each grade level, featuring collaborative classrooms and an integrated outdoor learning environment.  Students will have the opportunity to learn using new technology infrastructure, maker spaces and science labs.

The north field at Brownell, where the track was located, serves as the construction zone for Flint Builders, the contractor on the project. The field, closed to staff, students and the public, since May 2019, will remain closed as the project progresses.  The installation of the modular buildings began in February 2020, with one of the classroom pods and the new administration building.  

Approved Design



Project Phasing


Project Phases (Dates are tentative & subject to change)

For questions regarding the Brownell Modernization Project or other facilities improvements within GUSD, contact:

Paul Nadeau
Director of Facilities
(669) 205-7921

Project Highlights

Cost: $70.8 million, thanks to the Gilroy voters who passed Measures E and P

New construction: Six classroom pods (6th, 7th and 8th grades) with integrated outdoor learning spaces; administration building; kitchen and media center; recreation space

Modernization project: Improvements to existing gymnasium and multi-purpose room

Additional project highlights:  Available visitor parking and student drop-off area; added staff parking; student quad; relocate track and athletic fields and renovate existing outdoor recreation areas